About Us

MANK, Petőfi Cultural Agency Ltd. is one of the most diverse and versatile organisations within the network of Hungarian cultural institutions. The organisation’s activities and patronage system facilitates a high-standard of contemporary artistic production, while promoting and representing the artists through the demands of the artmarket and the ever-changing professional community. Our primary aim is to support current and future Hungarian artists in all areas of their work. 

MANK, Petőfi Cultural Agency Ltd. is located in the most beautiful regions of Hungary with a wide range of cultural programmes: Historic artist retreats and creative hubs, artist colonies and galleries await art lovers and artists alike. 


Our galleries in Szentendre welcome visitors with new exhibitions each month. 

MANK Gallery 

MANK Gallery is the beating heart of the Hungarian contemporary art scene, where the most renowned artists of our time exhibit alongside up-and-coming young creatives of the next generation. With new exhibitions every month, our committment is to constantly showcase the latest, most authentic and exciting talent in contemporary art.

Szentendre, Bogdányi u. 51. 

Opening times: Monday – Friday between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM; Saturday between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM

ÚjMűhely Gallery 

ÚjMűhely Gallery is the newest gallery space of MANK. The bustling towncentre of Szentendre is also a centre of cultural life. There is no other more suitable location to exhibit the most prominent figures of the artists’ village, as well as the newest movements in fine-and applied arts. 

Szentendre, Fő Tér 20. 

Opening times: Tuesday – Saturday between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM  

Artist Retreat Houses 

Szigliget Creative House 

A true creative sanctuary on the coast of Lake Balaton. Artists can work in peace within the walls of the old Eszterházy-mansion. It is also the perfect backdrop for cultural events. 

Szigliget, Kossuth Lajos u. 17. 

Zsennye Creative House 

Situated in a centuries-old castle and surrounded by a picturesque ancient park, the Creative House at Zsennye houses conferences and workshops. 

Zsennye, Szabadsgág tér 3. 

Kecskemét Creative House 

Drawing inspiration from a hundred-year-old Seccessionist building, with exapansive and light-filled studios, this is the ideal choice for painters, sculptors and graphic designers alike. 

Kecskemét, Műkertváros 2. 

Galytető Creative House 

Get inspired by nature! A quiet and tranquil house on the mountain, where you can create freely. 

Mátraszentimre-Galyatető, Madách Imre út 11-13. 

Martély Creative House 

Immerse yourself in the inspiring beauty of the Tisza River. The creative house next to the riverbank provides the perfect hub for creative work. 

Hódmezővásárhely Creative House

The house stands at the centre of artistic life in Hódmezővásárhely. The jewel-town of the South Alföld region is the birthplace of Lucien Hervé. It is still a popular destination for artists. 

Hódmezővásárhely, Virág u. 3. 

For bookings and availabilities visit alkotomuveszet.hu 

Artist Colonies 

Hódmezővásárhely Artists Colony 

Since its inception in 1966, multiple generations of artists have been supported by the Artist Colony in Hódmezővásárhely. Some of the most notable artists who have started here, or have been supported in their careers include Ferenc Szalay, Csaba Fejér, József Fodor, András Csikós, Péter Erdős, Ferenc Hézső, László Tuza, Katalin Samu, Györgyi Lantos, István Máté, Sándor Návay, Attila Zoltai, László Rományi and Eszter Sándor. 

The Old Artist Colony in Szentendre

The colony that was founded by artists in Szentendre in 1926 followed in the tradition of the Nagybánya School. The intention and aim of the Szentendre Colony was primarily to provide a space for artists who wished to continue working in a Hungarian-organised artists’ residence, even after Transylvanian territories were ceded to Romania. The founding tenants took over a corner of Pagony in 1927 and began the construction of artists’ studios. In 1972, the then-presiding Cultural Ministry decided to erect twelve studios which could be used during the summer months. This injected new life into the Artist Colony of Szentendre. 

Following the latest renovation in 2013, artists could once again take over the studios of the Artist Colony, answering to the needs and working practices of twenty-first century contemporary creatives. High quality studio spaces ensure that the artists can keep and preserve the traditions of the Old Artist Colony in Szentendre. 

ArtKert Arts Festival 

Bringing contemporary arts and artists close to the public! Our festival is held on the last weekend of August each year in the Old Artist Colony of Szentendre. Visitors can attend artist workshops and programmes during the day, while the evening is reserved for concerts. Learn the tricks of the painter’s trade from the artists themselves, then dance the evening away at the Old Artist Colony of Szentendre. 

Supporting Young Artists 

At MANK, we are committed to helping young talent. We wish to foster the up-and-coming fine artists of our generation, while centralising artistic innovation. Every year, MANK calls on artists under the age of 35 to send in applications for the opportunity to exhibit their works at MANK Gallery. Supporting young talent is a primary endeavour for us, through which we spotlight artists and artworks that speak to important sociocultural events. We encourage artists who are not afraid of critical self-reflection and who are willing to experiment. We want to inspire young visual artists to be bold in their visions and to continuously push the boundaries of artistic creativity. 

Scholarship Programmes 

Our scholarships and bursaries help young artists at the start of their career. Whether it is establishing themselves in the sector, building their ouevre, or growing their network, our scholarships offer financial support along the way. 

Gyula Derkovits Art Scholarship – Our most popular scholarship programme which has a well-established tradition in the Hungarian cultural world. 

József Pécsi Photography Scholarship 

Ernő Kállai Art History and Art Critic Scholarship 

Lajos Kozma Applied Arts Scholarship 

Annie Fischer Music Scholarship 

Viktor Fülöp Dance and Performance Scholarship 

Zoltán Kodály Music Composition Scholarship 

Dezső Lakatos Ablakos Jazz Musician Scholarship 

Norbert Kotormán, Munkácsy Mihály Award winning artist 

„Space and time investment – this is what I received and continue to receive from MANK. A sculptor cannot create without an adequate studio space, but since I can rent a studio from MANK in their Creative House in Hódmezővásárhely, I do not have that issue.” 

Szilárd Cseke, Munkácsy Mihály Award winning artist 

„I was looking for a spacious and streamlined exhibition space for my interactive mobile installation piece. After presenting the idea and concept-plan to MANK, they received me with open arms and I was able to bring my project to completion in October 2019.” 

Arts Education and Outreach 

Children grow up to become museum-visiting and artistically inquisitive adults who appreciate culture when they receive the necessary support in their youth. Through our artistic education programmes we aim to guide the next generation so that they recognise the vital place art and culture plays in our world. To understand contemporary artistic practices children need to experience the process of creation first hand. MANK enables these introductions and interactions through a programme of educational activities, workshops and festivals. 

Contact Us 

Hungarian Creative Arts Nonprofit Ltd. 

+36 26 501 060